Areas of Law

Sharan Law Services aims to provide its clients with a comprehensive civil legal representation. If they do not feel as through they are the best firm to represent your interests, SLS will be more than happy to help you find the right firm free of charge. Although this is not an all-inclusive list, the following are areas of law that SLS routinely engages in on behalf of their clients:

Foreclosure Defense

If you are faced with a foreclosure, or are experiencing a situation that could lead to the bank foreclosing on your property, call Sharan Law Services today to discuss your options.

Real Estate Law

Buyers, Sellers and residents all seek the advise and services of Sharan Law Services in protecting their interests in their specific piece of real estate.

Condominium Law

Whether you are a buyer, seller or a representative of an HOA, Sharan Law Services can assist you in all legal matters associated with Condominium Law.

Business & Commercial Law

When operating your own business, there are a plethora of legal rules and regulation that govern the existence and livelihood of your company. The attorneys at Sharan Law Services understand the complex nature of each individual situation and will tailor a action plan customized to your specific legal needs.

Landlord / Tenant Law

Whether you are the landlord or tenant, Sharan Law Services can help you with your lease disputes. Do not be bullied by aggressive individuals without first understanding all of your legal rights and options.

Excessive Force & Police Brutality

If you are a victim of excessive force used by an police officer, call Sharan Law Services to evaluate your case. Sharan Law Services has the utmost respect for men and women that put their lives on the line in order to protect the citizens of our society. However, in order for our judicial system to function correctly, the law abiding citizens of our society need to feel that the police forces interests are aligned with their own. Sharan Law Services will fight for you if your rights have been violated!

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